Legal Services

Our law firm cons with a really extensive experience in Tax Law. We can offer you legal consulting, representation and handling respect of municipal taxes, managing double taxation agreements, tax in special laws, audit, taxes assignment, etc.

Our professional team are committed to serving in all your legal process in divorce matters, redaction and revision of contracts, compensation, testament elaboration, civil judgement, legal consulting in property and rent matters, general representation in eviction proceedings, custody, separation of property, donations, amparo, real state evictions, inheritance, copyright protection, benefits of competitions, civil stocks constitutions, apostille elaborations, police records elaborations, judgement invalidation, parental authority, concubinage declaration, interdiction, emancipation and disqualification, allotment of inheritance, etc.

In Ven Project & Logistics Legal we offer you legal services of commercial companies constitution, license registration, personal sign firm creation, legal consulting and representation in commercial proceedings, embargoes, society constitution of foreign investment, elaboration of general assembly or extraordinary minutes, auction minutes, selling of commercial companies stocks, capital increase, corporate purpose change, opening of national or foreign branch, consortium constitution, goods transfer, credits and rights, etc.

Our company cons with an extensive experience of assisting in the labor law area being able to offer you legal consulting in any action of resettlement or indemnity in the event of collective lay-offs, total or partial disability pension due to occupational accidents, utilities payments, labor union constitution, strikes procedures, legal consulting and management representation in labor judgment, etc.

Our interdisciplinary team of attorneys can offer you law consulting and representation in fraud and legitimization of capital process, likewise we offer you representation in criminal proceedings, consulting respect of financial and stock crime, prisoner exchange requests between countries and judicial control. Also, we can provide you versatility of our team in any accusation and defense area in criminal matters.

In Ven Project & Logistics Legal we take care of working hand in hand with technical professional according to the requirement area for our clients in environmental matter. In this manner we offer an integral and quality service. We cover the protection of the nature spaces, contracts elaboration for responsible purchase, defense in judicial proceedings for contaminated floors, water and waste management, etc.

Our legal team are stood out for they extensive experience in legal consulting to logistics agents, foreign trade departments of national and international companies, freight forwarder companies, etc., in the following areas: collision compensatory, compensatory for accidents on board a ship, elaboration of contracts for the use of ships and other transport, lawsuits and defense in maritime law matters, licenses, etc.

Our team of attorneys give you judgement consulting in the elaboration of contracts in fashion law matters, legal proceeding because of counterfeiting, protection and defense against unfair competition in the market, sign and negotiation of agreements of transfers of image rights, etc.

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