Management of air and maritime containerized consolidated by major ports and airports in Venezuela.

    Our services LCL or FCL allow your company use our warehouse worldwide as the gathering point of your shipments. We bring your cargo according to your instructions. Our tracking system is designed to have perfect control and supervision of their charge over the Internet.

    In Venezuela we have formed an alliance with different warehousing, in and out of ports, including (BOLIPUERTOS and OCAMAR), to provide our customers a number of logistical advantages in major ports and airports in the country, we have warehouses in the primary zones customs, facilitating the entire logistics process, providing warehousing and customs service.

    We have extensive network of air cargo carriers, sea and land, nationally and internationally. Our services include:

  • .- Customs Agents at all ports and airports.
  • .- Warehousing air and sea.
  • .- Sea and air freight anywhere in the world.
  • .- Local Management of Import-Export Shipments.
  • .- Trucking.
  • .- Cargo Insurance door to door in dollars.
  • .- Consolidated U.S. and China own.
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