Customs Tariff Advance System
This Service to allow importers to seek an advance ruling on the classification of specific goods before importation. This is to assist them in making business decisions about future of specific goods prior to committing to importation, Know how about:
  • ▪ Venezuelan customs clearance process.
  • ▪ Classification and valuation of goods.
  • ▪ Procedure to apply into Venezuelan foreign exchange control to get foreign currency.
  • ▪ Customs clearance for big project, break-bulk including study route for inland freight.
Customs Brokerage
On this Service we'll apply all the procedure to do the customs clearance brokerage, such as:
  • ▪ Customs inspection and supervising during the whole process
  • ▪ Temporary admission process
  • ▪ Certification of harmonize codes for customs purposes
  • ▪ Documentation for customs purposes
  • ▪ IN BOND
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